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Push to talk over Cellular two way radio basic knowledge
Oct 19, 2018

To start a new business for new technology, the company you co-operating with and the product's developing stages are very important. The company's experience, commitment and R&D ability on the technology is critical to your sucess. Whether the new technology has the attractive life to surge endless revolutions on technology proves the product vitality.

  1.  Q:How long have your company been in PoC radio technology?

     A: We have been in PoC product for nearly 7 years since we started to study its posibility and how to make it to mass production. A new technology's birth to its mass production spent lots of time, investment and energy in the world indstry. It is only China at this stage can put it into realization. Tesunho is the pioneer among these chinese manufacturer. So we won award from the industry's main supplier ZTE in 2017. 

    POC Program Design Award

  2.  Q:How many platforms does your PoC radio work with?

     A: Comparing with Linux and Android PoC radio, we prefer to do Linux radios because of its system's stability and reliablity. Two way radio is a emergency communication tool, so that its stability and reliablity is at the first place. We are targeting to cater for professional commercial applications such as bank, hospital, school, factory, logistics, security, transportation and even some government organizations. Most of the application environment are harsh and tough, which determines Android radio will be easily broken and dirty for its large and fragile touch screen. There is only one platform which invested a lot to do R&D with module supplier for its platform. Its target is to supply stable and reliable Linux system for users. So we chose it as our partner. Its name is Corget Technology. Its platform is REAL-PTT for oversea market and SMART PTT for Chinese market.

  3. Q:How many losses did the platform happen since its first launch to the oversea market?

    A: To be honest, there were 2 drops among 48 months. Both of them were returned within 2 hours. The platform has 24hours service for troubleshooting. 

  4. Q:Can we have our own server at our location?

    A:Yes, sure. We will help you if it is necessory. We suggest you test with our trunking server system to see its stability and speed. It will not frustrate you. And its obvious advantage which single server at your own location could not exceed is that the trunking system will help each single server to restart within the shortest time once the single server down.

  5. Q:How much data does the radio eat per month?

    A:Normally a handheld radio eats 300MB a month, and a mobile radio eats 500MB a month.

  6. Q:Is the PoC radio workable in my country?

    A: The PoC radio take use of the existing cellular network, its performance can be determined by server and network allocation. We will send you an APP to test the server and network locally. After this stage, you can have a clear answer by yourself.

  7. Q:How to realize functions like Fense, TOT, Monitor, Scan?

    A: We will help you once you confirm order with Tesunho Electronics.

  8. Q:Can I have my own brand name on platform or radio?

    A: Yes, sure. There will be a certain conditions. Kindly talk to our sales directly.

  9. Q:Do you have 4G PoC radios?

    A: Yes, we have. While 4G is a trend, even in US and Europe, the 3G coverage is still very popular. Which band to choose depends on your local network allocation and the market accept price range. Please contact with our sales directly.

Other questions which we did not mentioned, please contact with us for answer. It is our honor to help you. 

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