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How To Choose A Reliable Walkie Talkie Supplier Two Way Radio Manufacturer

Jun 18, 2020

Here is the access to find the Top Customized Product Supplier.

In order to make the rank items clear, here index their concepts from Alibaba.com (gray), and share our understanding (orange). The 6 items will be devided by 3 directions:

A. Business Ability from the whole "Mobile phone & Accessory" industry

B. Paid advertisement (who paid to be Alibaba's Premium Suppliers can be listed)

C. Alibaba's main market battle

Direction A will be displaid in all details because it is meaningful with truth. Direction B is advertisement which is showing suppiers' marketing direction. Its reference role is not so critical. While Direction C is only useful for US clients.

Direction A:

1.Top for repeat buyers: Suppliers with customers who place more than 1 order within 90 days

(This means the service and product quality of the listed suppliers are responsible and reliable partners for dealers or resellers who purchase on Alibaba. The listed suppliers are good choices for long time business relationship.)

Tesunho Walkie talkie ranked Number 2 at "Top for repeate buyers". We are focusing on B2B buyers. We are proud and thankful because of the trust of our B2B buyers. And we are the best choice which was proved by the 5 stars buyers' reviews. The buyers' reviews were given from 3 aspects: on-time shipping (contract fulfilling ability even at COVID-19), product quality, seller service. We welcome you to try our product and service. By the way, according to the reviews page of Tesunho, there are 60 reviewed comments from buyers. 

2.Top for on-time shipping:Suppliers ranked based on the highest on-time shipping record

(This means the listed suppliers have rapid responding to all orders even at COVID-19 period. They have regular storage preparation for orders. And their contract fulfilling ability is excellent)

Tesunho always have strong contract fulfilling ability. We are beyond the average of Top 10 which is 4.8, while Tesunho has 5.

3.Top Sales:Suppliers with the most transactions & transaction amount per order

(This is actually determined by transactions, the transaction amount of per order is a conference data for this ranking. )

Tesunho ranked Top 25 among Mobile Phone & Accessories Catalog. It was determined by its Transactions. Comparing the below Top 5, the transaction amount per oder of Tesunho Walkie talkie should Rank Number 1, USD6400/order, while the listed Top 1 is only USD2100/order. This is to show why the transaction amount of per order is only a reference parameter. And you will also find that the Top sales No. 1 is not the "Top for repeat buyers" supplier, which proved that most of the orders were directly placed by end users or new buyers for the supplier. Back to its product series shown, the mobile phone protect cover is really a good product to sell directly to end users on line. 

Another Rank Item which Alibaba did not pay attention is Top for buyers' Review. Among all these top suppliers, Tesunho is the best on customers' sactisfactory for its service, product quality and contract fulfilling ability. 

Direction B:

1.Top Supplier with Certificates:Suppliers that carry certifications required to sell in your market, ranked by the suppliers' star score

(All Tesunho products have CE/FCC and we can help you get local certificate according to the parameter required, like RCM/ISEED/NBTC/PTCRB/ARCOTEL, etc. These are all successful cases.)

2.Top for design services:Suppliers who can help you create new products, ranked by the suppliers' star score

As a R&D based factory, Tesunho walkie talkie can provide design service listed below:

a) Function design according to unique industrial requirement

b) Frequency adjustment 

c) Integration project with other systems, successful cases are: railway station communication system design; Irrigation system Integration design; GPS tracker data sharing design; Truck or Bus states data sharing design; Intelligent Parking system integrate with two way communication system design, etc. All these designs were realized by Tesunho walkie talkie, produced and supplied by Tesunho walkie talkie.

d)Image design: like housing adjustment, LCD display start-up logo, new operation interface design, etc.

Aiming to help our B2B partners get business success, Tesunho walkie talkie provide professional OEM/ODM services. We have flexible MOQ requirement for different quantity rank sellers. Welcome to contact us for details.

Direction C:

Top exporters to US:Suppliers whose recent exports are mainly to the US, ranked by the suppliers' star score

We believe this MarchExpo is also a training chance to buyers on how to choose a reliable and responsible supplier. Hope this introduction with truth of data and pictures will help your understanding. 

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    Quanzhou TESUNHO Electronics Co.,Ltd

    Tel:86 595 2208 2266

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    E-mail:[email protected]

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