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May 13, 2024

Walkie-talkies are an indispensable tool, whether it's for work or leisure. For some works, walkie-talkie accessories are vital, they can simplify communication and increase efficiency. However, the cables of accessories are easily tangled and the user will be limited. To address this problem, Tesunho has developed a series of Bluetooth accessories and multi unit charger to reduce the need for cables, provide convenience for customers.

Bluetooth Accessories


1. Wireless Programmer TH-X8

Tesunho wireless Programmer TH-X8, no need to use programming cable, can realize the programming of walkie-talkies via Bluetooth. It makes the program more convenient. TH-X8 can be used to program  for Tesunho and other brands of K-type walkie-talkies. And it is lightweight, making it easy to carry.

2. Bluetooth Handmic TH-P1

Tesunho TH-P1 wireless Bluetooth Handmic can be used with Bluetooth devices, allowing users to make calls without the hassle of wires.

3. Bluetooth Earphone TA-B1

Most people use headphones when using walkie-talkies, but with a wired connection, the cables tend to get tangled and their use is limited. Tesunho Bluetooth headsets TA-B1 can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for traditional cable connections and allowing you to completely get rid of cable entanglements.

4. Bluetooth Finger PTT B-PTT

Bluetooth finger PTT B-PTT make everything easier when we drive a car, ride a bike or the other things require hands, and we won’t need to worry the cables mess our work. If you are a driver, Tesunho Bluetooth microphone TH-P1 / Bluetooth headset TA-B1+ Bluetooth finger PTT B-PTT is paired with the mobile radio may help you. Fix the finger PTT on the steering wheel and communicate just by pressing the finger PTT. This allows the driver to get rid of the cable and focus on the road conditions. More secure and convenient and free your hands.

Tesunho Bluetooth Handmic TH-P1, Bluetooth Earphone TA-B1 and Bluetooth Finger PTT B-PTT are designed to connect iPhone, Android phones, Tesunho Bluetooth walkie talkies and PoC apps on IOS/ Android system devices—like Walkiefleet, Zello, Realptt, Broadnet ……

Multi Unit Charger


1. Six-Way Multi Charger 

With Tesunho six-way multi unit charger TH-D61 , you don't have to worry about tangled charging cables for multiple electronic devices. TH-D61 can charge up to 6 pcs of walkie-talkies simultaneously, allowing users to quickly and efficiently charge all of their radios. And TH-D61 is not only suitable for Tesunho walkie talkies, but also can ODM to work with any other brands' radio.

2. Two Cradles Smart Charger

Two cradles smart charger that will charge two radios at once. ODM available for compatibility with any other brands of two-way radios.

If you have high requirements for space-saving, multi unit charger will be able to save you more space to the maximum and give you back a clean table.

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    Quanzhou TESUNHO Electronics Co.,Ltd

    Tel:86 595 2208 2266

    Fax:86 595 2208 2266

    Mob:0086 18750083582

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